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We're constantly looking for talent and great co-workers, currently residing in Helsingborg with remote-work available. Feel free to drop us a line if there's a position that looks enticing or if you just want to have a quick chat.

What we offer

About North link

At North Link we are specialised in solving complicated software problems with innovative solutions. We're a team of experts in machine learning, computer vision and software development.

Our business model is simple

We build knowledge together and then share this knowledge with our customers.

We are a knowledge driven company

Use cases for machine learning has exploded during the last couple of years and we see it as given to meet the future both through academic developments and also in practice.

For us to keep up and be able to do this, we have internal presentations and workshops monthly where we share knowledge and test new technologies and we are always looking for technically challenging projects.

We choose participation

Our beautiful and modern new office is located in the city center of Helsingborg, only a five minute walk from Helsingborg C. Some of our projects are being performed from our office, and some are being performed onsite at the customers. We invest a lot of time in teambuilding to make everyone feel included and to make everyone comfortable to take on complex challenges.

We offer involvment

At North Link we all have the opportunity to take big responsibility and to decide how we wish to work. We have a variety of customers, mostly in Skåne, and you play a big role in deciding what projects that are interesting for you and that you want to join.

Say hi to team North Link

  • Niklas SilfverströmCEO and co-founder
  • Andreas ArgeliusSoftware developer and co-founder
  • Viktor SilfverströmSoftware developer and co-founder
  • Andreas NilssonArt director

What does North Link members have to say?

- "I have always enjoyed tackling challenging problems. That lead me into the field of academia, and a Ph.D. in an engineering and mathematics-focused field. Even though coding has always been a crucial tool for me, I was not sure that I was ready to leave academia. However, during my time here, I have had the chance to work on very interesting problems and solve them using the tools and methods that I am used to. It is now clear to me; that this is a company that values knowledge, experience, and good ideas, and I am convinced that I will be able to continue working on interesting and challenging problems here."

Mattias Fält, Ph.D.

Data scientist

- "Working at North Link has been a tremendous joy. The colleagues here inspire a good variety of interesting discussions, and some of those result in fun projects. It is a good mix of professional topics and talking about hobbies. Since starting work here, I have learned and grown into a better developer using current frameworks and tools."

Michael Hansen

Software developer

- "To me the most important aspect of a workplace is a good relationship with my colleagues. That and that there is a lot of headroom for personal growth with possibilities for creative freedom to create amazing things together. At North Link we have the whole trifecta. Where no issue or problem is too big nor little. We focus on building a work environment where we help each other without prestige. We grow and solve challenging problems and have a lot of fun whilst doing so."

Andreas Nilsson

Art director

Why North Link?

We work with some of the most fun projects and eccentric ideas. Where else would you build a chess notation software?

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About North Link

North Link is a knowledge driven software company that was founded in Helsingborg, Sweden by the three childhood friends Niklas Silfverström, Viktor Silfverström and Andreas Argelius together with Johan Lenander in 2017. We like to tackle hard to solve problems. Many of our projects involve machine learning and computer vision.

Founded in 2017


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