Video management and anomaly detection

Detect and alert

A fault tolerant distributed anomaly detection system.

Big data

This system daily handles terabytes of video streaming data. It makes sure the data is accessible and properly managed through the anomaly detection pipeline. The amount of processing power needed for the system far exceeds the capabilities of a single server. Requiring a highly sophisticated distributed cluster solution for handling an ever increasing amount of data throughput.

No stone left unturned

Anomalies are highly undesired and the job is to find them all. The anomaly detection fully processes frames at a high framerate to make sure that even small and short lived anomalies are properly detected.

Fault tolerant

The system is live 24/7 every day of the year and anomalies can appear at any time of the day. Therefore the system needs to make sure that it can still operate properly even in the case of server crashes and external interference.

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