About North Link

Pushing boundaries - together

To learn what we don’t know. To solve hard challenges. To enjoy the journey.

About us

A feeling. That was the inspiration for our company.

If you are a software developer you might know the feeling that we are talking about. The enjoyment of solving complex problems, wired in, with a keyboard in front of you.

The question of what makes us enjoy writing software is the beginning of the story of North Link. A group of friends with the idea of building a company where the employees are the company’s greatest asset.

As the story unfolded we continued to work with hard problems. Problems that kept us on our toes. The kind of problems where we constantly have to learn new things, work together and keep innovating. The kind of problems that keep us inspired.

This pursuit is our mission. To build a company that values knowledge. A company where innovation is celebrated. A company where we constantly strive to enjoy writing software.

So that we can push boundaries - together.

What we do

At the end of the day what we do as a company can be summed down to a single sentence. We solve problems using software.

As a team we are collectively experts at machine learning, computer vision and software development. Some of us have research backgrounds, some of us are software experts. As a company we have worked in a wide range of industries such as Automobile, medicine, security, finance and art.

We try to make our work speak for itself. Take a look at our cases

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